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Resilient Power

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A changing climate means your investments are increasingly at risk.

Alongside a team of industry leading climate scientists and energy analysts, dissigno assesses your financial exposure and mitigates your risks with energy solutions.
Climate Change Risks

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, one thing is clear: The climate is changing. Recurring conditions such as higher temperatures and more frequent and severe weather events are becoming commonplace. Freshwater resources are becoming scarce and insecure. The potential for supply chain disruptions for fuel or food supply is not a matter of if, but when. These changes bring a new financial uncertainty. What does this mean to your business? What’s are your biggest risks and the long-term implications? dissigno will help answer those questions, and integrate solutions for climate-related impacts into your planning cycles.

Energy Resiliency

Energy is the fundamental building block of your business. When power is intermittent, scarce, or disrupted for any reason, difficult choices must be made leading to human and financial risks. Using scientific data from leading climate scientists, our team of energy experts will analyze your energy use, supply chain, and other factors to determine your Climate Risk Adjusted Return (CRAR). Your CRAR report will detail your energy resiliency and the potential financial risks in a variety of disruptive scenarios. Once we have your CRAR, we will use deep technology to give you the best options to address your risks in the areas of energy and water.

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dissigno has the experience to partner with you to advise, execute from start to finish, or finance your project.

dissigno assesses your financial exposure and details a variety of solutions and financial options to mitigate your risks and save money.


dissigno consults throughout your project or takes the lead in execution from start to finish with our trusted renewable energy partners.


Beyond the implementation of solutions, finance options are available through dissigno, including providing capital or joint ownership of projects.


dissigno provides strategy and creation of content and public relations campaigns to amplify the positive impact of your project.

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Santa Fe Project Management

dissigno acquired two projects in partnership with the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. These projects will be under management and operations of the dissigno team. The systems are located on the convention center and the compost facility producing more than 300,000 kWh annually.

GM Warehouse Solar Installation

Dissigno installed one of the largest solar power installations in corporate use in the United States to the roof of General Motors’ Service and Parts Operations (SPO) warehouse in Fontana, Calif. The solar power array provides about half of the electricity needed to run the facility and feeds enough extra electricity back to the grid to power over 300 California homes for a year.

African Methodist Episcopal Church

To further a commitment of working in diverse communities, dissigno acquired an 85kW system at the Northwest Trinity AME Church. This is the foundation for a programmatic approach to support inclusive solar communities with energy alternatives.


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This webinar features an incredible panel of experts discussing the current state of electricity in the Caribbean, grid resiliency, renewable solutions, and finance.The panel includes:Dr. James Fletcher: Former Energy Minister of Saint LuciaAllison Archambault, President: EarthSpark International Dr.Dr. Daniel M. Kammen, Professor of Energy at UC BerkeleyChristiaan Gischler, Lead Energy Specialist: Inter-American Development Bank For more information or to sign up for future webinars, visit: http://dissigno.comFor more information or to sign up for future webinars, visit:http://SolarHeadofState.orgor send us a note on our contact page

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I’ll be honest, even though I’m a clean energy wonk, I haven’t even seen Al Gore’s film, An Independent Sequel. He’s right. Science convincingly backs up his argument. I’m just tired of watching the tug-of-war “debate” between the Al types and those who have unreal amounts of money to keep the status quo for their personal benefit. It’s all about the money. And ironically, money is what will ultimately create sorely needed change. RISKY BUSINESS (SPEAKING OF TOM CRUISE MOVIES)It’s impossible to ignore what is happening worldwide, especially with theSEE DETAILS

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